Thursday, July 5, 2007

Vegan Zone

We went to lunch at the new Vegan Zone restaurant down in Pacific Beach. Originally we went down for breakfast. They have tofu scrambles, pancakes and other breakfast items on their menu. But they don't open until 11:30. In my world that is lunch but maybe not for the people who live in PB.

Even though it was lunch time, Ramsey and Isaac still had the organic pancakes. They were thinner then I can ever get them and of course the golden color that I can't obtain either. They were $4. The plates were licked clean. They also shared a young coconut, one of their favorites, for $3. They drank all of the juice and ate the meat as dessert.

We got there around 12:30 and Joe wanted to try the lentil burger but they didn't have the lentils ready yet. So instead he had the garden burger. It was composed of grilled mushrooms, onion, zucchini, braised eggplant and bell pepper. He said that it was good and we all picked at his fries. They had the greatest fries I've had in a long time. Joe's burger cost $8 and kumbucha for $4.

Freaky looking, isn't it? I had the Pad Thai at $8. It was your average Pad Thai except for the soy shrimp. When my plate was set down I couldn't believe how much they looked like shrimp. After my first bite I nearly freaked out. I forced Joe to take a bite to try. They aren't as strongly flavored as I remember shrimp being but the texture is so insanely similar.

We'll be sure to go back to Vegan Zone to see check out the other things they have to offer. I found the prices to be pretty reasonable and the place is cute. There were no other diners when we were there but it is the middle of a Thursday.

Vegan Zone is at 859 Hornblend St, San Diego Ca. 92109. They also deliver 858-272-1913.


veganmomma said...

wow, the shrimp are freaky! I never ate the real thing but am curious to try them now. When my mom ordered the pad thai she ordered it w/o the shrimp. I'd like to try their pancakes! oh, and chris had the lentil burger, he thought it was pretty alright.

KleoPatra said...

i am going to try to head out there today... have heard this place is pretty great and your review seals it!