Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Bravo Burritos

I took a picture of our burritos before they were rolled up because rolled they really aren't that interesting. I used the Bravo Burrito recipe from Vegan Delights. Really it's a recipe for the beans. I can't really think why you would need a recipe for the entire burrito.

Anyway, they were very good. I like how the beans turned out. We also had guacamole, soy pepper jack, and the obvious veggies. It crossed my mind to make some sort of rice and then I forgot. I will make sure not to forget next time. I like the texture that rice lends a bean burrito.

There is plenty of beans left over and I have an extra avocado (had to hide it from Isaac) so I know what I'm having for lunch tomorrow. I need bigger tortillas.

On a side note Guadalajara on Mission Gorge, it used to be Los Ponchos, has really good beans. They use vegetable oil, not lard. Also, their Mexican Guacamole has no dairy. I like corn tortillas but I need to check if their flour are lard free also, just so I know.

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veganmomma said...

My sister taught be about "mexican" guacamole. I can't believe they give us gringas that green sour cream stuff unless we ask!:) I just thought it was funny that you have to specify, I mean who really likes that other stuff?