Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Coconut Chocolate Chip Cookies

I'd heard rave reviews of La Dolce Vegan's coconut chocolate chip cookies and had to try them out. We are definitely coconut fans over at my house.

These cookies have a very mild coconut flavor. It almost taste like you have used some coconut oil instead of the shredded coconut that the recipe calls for. The recipe tell you to roll the dough into balls and bake. I found that they stay a little to round for my taste. In the second batch I flattened the balls a bit. That made them the flatter more common cookie shape, when baked.

Either way the cookies had a great texture. Slightly crispy on the outside and chewy inside, my favorite. I would make these again.


veganmomma said...

yum, again, how do you stay so thin with all the baking you've been doing? seriously, i need to know! i haven't tried those so i'll add them to my list!

Elaine said...

Sign me up! Those look awesome!