Sunday, July 22, 2007

Brownie Edges

I love the edges and corners of brownies. They are my favorite part. These cookies remind me so much of a brownie edge in both taste and texture.

The recipe is Sinfully Delicious Double Chocolate Chip Cookies from the book Vegan Family Favorites by Erin Pavlina. They ended up a lot flatter then I expected before they went in the oven. I was prepared for them to be a little disappointing.

These cookies definitely did not disappoint. They had a good texture and flavor. The leftovers that I had today weren't as crisp but we still good. I wouldn't make this cookies very far in advance of a holiday or occasion.

These are a new favorite.


KleoPatra said...

i love living on the edge too... the edge of brownies and cookies... and muffin tops, too, while we're at it. These look so great. i'm into crispy cookies but i would eat 'em even if they were soft... Great stuff!

veganmomma said...

More cookies!!! You Rock! And good to mix it up a little with a different cookbook! Can't wait to try those!