Sunday, July 1, 2007

Silk Soy Milk Plus with Omega-3 DHA

We were at People's Co-Op yesterday and I saw the much talked about Silk with DHA. We figured we'd give it a try.

In a past blog entry I mentioned that I give my kids Nutru Omega-Zen-3 Liquid. One bottle holds 150 doses for children of 150 mg. Online and in stores I've mostly seen the drops run about $28.

I decided to do some math to see what the Silk would come out as. A 1/2 cup of Silk has the 150 mg of DHA. A half gallon cost me $3.20. Unless my math is wrong (which would not be that surprising) The prices come out pretty equal with the same doses of Silk being $30 but you're also getting soy milk in the deal.

This soy milk tasted no different to me then any other. There was no fishy smell which the drops do have. The kids haven't minded the fishiness of the drops but we can smell it on them and neither of us can stomach the drops in our own mouths. We've tried the flax oil/dha mix and, unless blended with something, I think it's icky. I have a problem sucking down oil.

To me this soy milk is the greatest idea. I plan on buying this to have around for drinking and cheaper ones for cereal and cooking.

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veganmomma said...

They were sampling the choc. truffles and oil made by Flora I think called Udo's at peoples yesterday. It was better than most I've tried. Well, and chocolate was an awesome way to get your DHA. Not sure it would be good for us everyday though as it is expensive, but I liked trying it for free. I usually use the flax and/or hemp oil mixed into things or else it is hard to swallow. I also love hemp seeds. I do love the silk though!