Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Chickpea Ratatouille

"That's what rat's eat." This argument went on for a pretty long time. It may not have been my best timing to try out the recipe for chickpea ratatouille from Vive le Vegan! so soon after the kids had seen the movie Ratatouille.

I ended up giving the kids each a bowl of cereal and sat myself down to a nice plate of ratatouille over brown rice. The kids soon came wandering over to check out what I had. They both ended up loving it! Neither child really wanted to have straight bites of tomato but they loved the chickpeas and the rice.

As for myself, I loved it. I take back what I said about chickpeas in a previous post. For the first time I didn't use chickpeas from a can. I used my pressure cooker to make them myself. This made the biggest difference. They were a much better texture. The flavors all blended together very well. We had a bunch of leftovers and had it for dinner again the next day.

This recipe was a pleasant surprise and I'll be making it again.


Anonymous said...
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veganmomma said...

I loved the chickpea ratatouille myself but athena wouldn't touch it. Your kids are more adventurous it appears. It was quite a surprise as to how good it was!