Saturday, July 14, 2007

Date Night

My mom took the kids out this afternoon and early evening and so Joe and I had some time to ourselves. We decided to go out to dinner and walk around Hillcrest. I forgot the camera so I couldn't take any pictures of our great dinner.

We went to India Palace on University. They are very accommodating. I had Aloo Matter and it was excellent. Our waiter checked with the chef to make sure there was no ghee used and the chef sent the waiter back to ask which oil I would prefer since he had more then one choice. They were very nice.

Joe had something with lentils that I can't remember but he said that it was good. This is the second time we've visited India Palace and we'll go back again.

From there we walked to Whole Foods to pick up a treat for dessert. I got a Soy Delicious ice cream sandwich and Joe got some sort of healthy cookie.

After that we drove down to All Vegan to look around. Joe got a new pair of flip flops that are very squishy. The lady said they are made out of yoga mat material. We got into a conversation with her about Ramsey because she obsessed with the little kids shirts they have. Ramsey is to small for a 4 but they don't carry 3. It came up about how Ramsey is so little and the lady freaked out. She was drilling me about if she ate enough fat and all this stuff. She said we didn't need any more vegans in the news killing their babies. That was a little insulting. (BTW I don't believe that case has any thing to do with veganism only starvation)

In any case we had a nice evening. I got some white chocolate chips for a future baking adventure with chocolate cookie and white chocolate chips. I have a new chapstick to hide in my pillow case for midnight chapped lips and there are leftovers in the fridge waiting to be tomorrows wonderful lunch. I even had time for a little craft project when we got home. Does everyone love my beautiful shirt? It's a total Sipz knock off. I'm very proud. LOL


veganmomma said...

If anyone every starts to worry about your kids being vegan, send them my way. My kids are good poster children (no offense, I know your kids are well fed, the size thing is in their genes!) for veganism. They definitely don't look like they will ever starve (must be in their genes as chris and I had the same build as children). Anyway, not sure who was working but the 2 women i know don't have children and can uh, easily offend you know?
oh, and the shirt is cool, and I've never tried India Palace, sounds good though.

lao80 said...

Rowan is the poster child of a healthy vegan pregnancy. I wasn't around when you had Athena. I tell everyone how huge he was. lol