Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Waffles with blackberries

Tonight for dinner I made orange tofu with broccoli and rice. I cut my extra firm tofu into cubes and then freeze them a bit before dinner. Then I roll each piece of tofu in a mixture of flour and nutritional yeast. I fry them in my cast iron skillet until they are golden. We use Trader Joe's Mandarin Orange Sauce on top.

Joe's birthday is on Friday and the kids squealed about his birthday present. It's one of those rotating Belgin waffle irons. To take it for a test run, we made waffles for dessert. We used this recipe that I found online.... They were fluffy with a nice sweet flavor.

I crushed some blackberries with sugar and topped every thing off with Soy Whip.

Ummm, I forgot about taking a picture until after we had started eating that's why the whip is all melty.


chanale said...

That makes me wish I had a waffle maker!

I found your blog from the link in your SDNF post. We met once on a walk at Miramar Lake. I didn't know you were a fellow vegan. :)

sarakoopa said...

awesome stuff. i started a blog a year ago with this in mind, but haven't actually posted recipes, just a couple of entries about my life. check it out though and maybe i'll get my act together. It is not like I just had a baby or something! oh, it is