Thursday, May 10, 2007

Eating Out

We drove an hour north today to Temecula to visit my sister Christy. I am not a huge fan of packing lunches and only drug along a few snacks. This of course means that we ate out.

We had not so exciting Vegan corn dogs for lunch. However, for dinner my pregnant sister was joansing for a Rubios bean burrito. I grilled the cashier over the salads and any non diary dressings. She was super nice and helpful, even warned me that the guacamole had milk in it. They cut up some fresh avocado for my salad. Next time I'm eating on the run I will be there again.

It was a Grilled Grande Bowl with the Serrano-grape dressing. Obviously I left off the meat and cheese. They make wraps as well.

The kids and their sophisticated pallets had their usual, Isaac chips and beans, Ramsey Mexican rice.

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Anonymous said...

FYI Rubio's rice has chicken stock in it.