Sunday, May 20, 2007

Cafe India

Today we all had lunch at Cafe India for the first time. We had the lunch buffet that they serve. The buffet is mostly vegan. The kids had watermelon, cucumber, rice, curried potatoes and a little bit of some kind of beans. Oh, and I can't forget the naan. They were all over that.

I had their lovely seasoned rice, a lot of curried potatoes and some of the tasty beans. Sadly I can't review on much else because curried potatoes are my favorite and I went a little overboard. The fresh fruit that they served was nice. I wish I could figure out the beans to replicate.

Joe had some of their lentil soup. He said it tasted a bit like potato also. Isaac tried a bite and liked it. He tried the salad and said the dressing was pretty spicy but he still cleaned his plate. Other then that we're overlapping.

We'll be sure to eat there again.

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chanale said...

That sounds so much better than the Indian buffet in my neighborhood - the food wasn't very good, and someone (the owner?) handed DD a dinosaur-shaped chicken nugget without my permission. :/