Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Veg N Out

Today the kids and I tried out Veg N Out, a vegetarian restaurant located on 30th Street. Isaac was in love with the place once he saw a young girl working behind the counter. This girl had to be around 7 years old and her mom took our order. The girl came and brought Isaac and Ramsey their drinks and later their food. Isaac wanted to know if she was the one who cooked it. He said that he wants a job like that but in my kitchen because I'm a better cook. LOL

I was thrilled when the young girl came over and brought my kids a Mr.Potato Head to keep them busy while their food was being put together. Veg N Out is very kid friendly. They had a good time playing and our wait was not long at all.

The kids got the "Kids' Vege Meal with a choice of veggie dog, 1/2 peanut butter honey sandwich or corn dog all served with a cookie, cinnamon sweet potato medallions, fresh veggies, dip and apple juice." Obviously the kids choice the corn dog. We just ordered one extra dog and they shared the veggies and sweet potato medallions. Ramsey loved the sweet potatoes. I had never thought to cook them this way. I'm pretty sure that they were baked but they were coated in a thin layer of cinnamon and sugar. If that's all it takes to get her to eat a sweet potato I'm all over it.

I had the 30th Street Classic made vegan. That means that I got vegan cheddar cheese and vegan thousand island dressing on my already vegan burger. It was wonderful! They toast their bun in margarine and the patty was great. Whatever brand the faux cheese was it was very good tasting. It didn't melt but it did have a cheese like consistency. I had a choice between a side salad or the potato medallions. I choose the salad. They had one vegan dressing and it was some sort of vinaigrette. The salad was good but not overly special.

For the burger, kids meal, extra juice, corn dog and cookie we paid about $18. I consider this pretty reasonable. We were happy with our food, service and the whole atmosphere. We will be going back there again soon.


veganmomma said...

We went there a couple times when it opened, now it has been over a year since we've visited. I am glad you guys had a good experience. We should meet you there sometime.

lao80 said...

We would love it!

KleoPatra said...

i have been meaning to eat there... i went by when they first opened and keep their menu at home but have not gone for it. i love that they're around. i really need to support them. And you're right, that is pretty reasonable. Thanks for sharing the experience.