Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Chili and Cornbread

A friend from La Leche League recently had a new baby boy, Blake. All of the ladies signed up to bring a meal to the tired family. My turn came up this week and I wanted to make something that would reheat well and be easy.

I settled on Dee-lish Meatless Chili from Vegan Family Favorites. There wasn't a lot of seasoning and I figured it would be mild enough for big sister Elizabeth. I like my chili a little bit more
soupy but the flavor was pretty good for not being spicy. I like spicy.

I also made some cornbread, from Hot Damn and Hell Yeah Recipes for Hunry Banditos, to go with. I won't go as far to say you CAN'T have chili without cornbread, but you have to have some sort of bread. Also, with a bit of jam and margarine if Elizabeth did turn her nose up at the chili at least she might go for the sweet bread. I like my cornbread a little bit more dense with more cornmeal. This cornbread was a little bit to cakey for my taste.

So, congratulations to the new family and I hope the food was ok.


veganmomma said...

Good for you! I brought them food too, yours looks really good though, mine was hopefully OK!

lao80 said...

I really wasn't sure what to make. They don't like onions or many of the things I use a lot.