Monday, August 6, 2007

Peas and Macaroni

I plan our meals two weeks at a time. When I was making my list I put this dish for Peas and Macaroni from Vegan Family Favorites on it. After eating our way through the rest of the dishes on our line up we finally got to this one. Honestly I was avoiding it. For some reason it looked good when I was making the list but after that it didn't sound so great.

Tonight I broke down and made it so that my conscious would be clear. Well, really it was because I have anal retentive quirks and one of those would be having all the ingredients sitting around for this damn dish that I never made. Yes, eventually I would use them all separately in different things but that might take awhile and the tentative grasp that I hold on my sanity would surely have slipped by then.

Anyway, I cracked and made this friggin dish. It was good! After I took a closer look at the seasonings it sounded so damn bland. I did end up adding garlic salt and some Italian seasoning but not that much. I would make this again. It was easy and made of stuff that you keep in you pantry at most times. Peas in tomato sauce sounds a bit odd to me but it tasted good. I liked getting that little burst of sweet pea-ness flavor.

We ended up having a nice dinner that wasn't take out or waffles and I won't go crazy when ever I open the cupboard. Win-win.

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ZebraBelly: said...

sweet pea-ness flavor has a whole new meaning when said out loud.