Thursday, August 30, 2007

Chili Con Non-Carne

I feel like I haven't posted in forever. Things have been crazy. Isaac officially started Kindergarten yesterday. On Tuesday night we went to his charter school open house. They had a free BBQ and I was impressed that they had veggie dogs. We met with his educational facilitator yesterday and she was wonderful. He is very excited. He is all over me right after breakfast to look at his school books and learn something new.

Last night I was up in Temecula attending a Lamaze class with my sister, Christy. She is due towards the end of September, though I seriously doubt that she will make it that long. Her husband, Ben, is a Marine and is Virgina until after the new year. So, I'm one of the stand in daddies along with another friend of ours, Deseare. We are all very excited. She is 36 weeks tomorrow and Ben is home visiting from Saturday to Wednesday. We're all hoping she'll pop so that he can be with her.

Anyway, on to the food. This was another recipe pulled from Hot Damn and Hell Yeah. I am seriously loving this book. I don't think I've made one thing from the other side, though. We all liked this. I don't usually like big chunks of tomato but I was ok with this. I added a whole can of kidney beans, instead of just one cup, because I love them. The chili was not overly spicy but it had a lot of flavor. It was defiantly fine for children. The directions forgot to say when to put in the spices but I figured it's best to let them simmer along for the most amount of time.

Another winner. We'll eat it again. I would like it over a baked potato, or on fries, or maybe tortilla chips. There are lots of possibilities.

Oh, and I forgot to take the picture until after we all ate our fill.

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