Thursday, April 10, 2008


Does reading 30 pages on the differences in gelling agents in regards to marshmallows make me a pathetic person?


lola coca-cola said...

Only if you don't share your wisdom with me. I'm planning to try making them next week sometime.

Jill said...

No, reading 36 to 48 pages makes one a big dorky loser. So you're still well within the cool range.

If it involves liquid rennet, I have some from GTM haunting me. I bought and said "hmm, I could make pudding." That was more than two years ago.

Who's the pathetic dork?

lao80 said...

Uhhh, I could be wrong but I thought that rennet was what you used to make cheese. I could be wrong.

Lucy, 1 tlb. of agar agar powder is equal to 1 packet of gelatin.
1 part agar powder = 6 parts agar flakes.

Pectin will not work.

I'm not going into the science. because I can hardly remember any of it even though that's all I've read for the past 2 hours

Melisser; the Urban Housewife said...

NO! I've been doing similar reading as well. The vegans need their marshmallows!

lao80 said...

There are mysterious ingredients that I now want to order but can't find online. Iota carrageenan, yah someone show me were to buy that! It's another sea weedy thing so I'm thinking agar agar will sub well and possibily a touch of pectin. I know sweet & sara uses locust bean gum......we'll see.

Christina said...

Definitely not! Vegan marshmallows are coveted so... hope you've ordered yourself one of the handy kits from the folks at Angel Food. They said their PayPal payments should be ready shortly; you can see pics of the product at work on Hannah Kaminsky's blog (