Monday, April 21, 2008


Hopefully I will have our camping trip pictures done later today. In the mean time here are my first two attempts at marshmallows.

#1. I used pectin AND agar and now see why pectin is a bad idea. It was a learning experiences and this was not even good for fluff.
#2. This attempt included only agar and a paddle attachment instead of a whisk. It was a bit like soft taffy and did work as fluff.
I'm still searching for ingredients online. I want to try a combination of things so that the gelling isn't so hit and miss like with straight agar. I've got a list of things to try and will post as things develop.


Ricki said...

Hi Lindsay,

I just got a kit for vegan marshmallows in the mail from Angel Food in New Zealand, and am hoping to try it out this week--will let you know! Bryanna Clark Grogan has written about their marshmallows on her site if you want to check it out.

sara said...

not sure if you found a recipe yet but maybe you could try something out after reading this
love your blog btw!

Anonymous said...

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