Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The Baby Borrowers

I come across things pretty frequently that I think about posting. Things that have nothing to do with food that I find interesting/disturbing. I just came across this article about The Baby Borrowers less then five minutes ago and am so appalled that I had to post it.

I don't really have enough words to describe how I feel about this. Babies taken away from their parents. Worse, parents who willing think it's ok to hand them over. What is wrong with these people? The producers, the parents, h*ll the viewers!

The Natural Child Project has an open letter to NBC for those interested. I'll stop my rant now.


The Suburban Correspondent said...

Babies as young as six months? It is inconceivable that a large group of people felt it was ok. Let alone the parents of the babies and the underage "parents"-to-be.

If adults want to willingly take place in reality shows and be exploited, that's their choice. I feel really sad for those little kids.

punkypower said...

I honestly don't care, the British version was using newborns and had no problems. The show will be entertaining and educational, and the parents were next door the entire time watching on cameras, they could intervene at any time. They also had paramedics and nannies on standby. I also think the show will be fun to watch.

Anonymous said...

i am eager to see what becomes of this show. i mean, i dont exactly agree with the methodology, but i must say the lesson they are putting out there is praiseworthy. i guess i have to see wednesday's premiere and then come back and write about