Thursday, April 10, 2008

Fairies did it

Me- Walks into bathroom and finds wall chips on the ground. Previous small hole is a bit bigger. Go into living room.
Who was picking at the wall?

Ramy- Not me.


Me- Isaac did you pick at the wall?

Isaac- No.

Me- Then who did?

Isaac- Fairies did it.

Me- Why didn't you tell them not to?

Isaac- They're invisible.

Me- Then how do you know it was fairies?

Isaac- I can see invisible things.

Me- Then why didn't you tell her not to pick at the wall?

Isaac- She came down from the heaven.

Me- So. Next time tell her not to pick at the wall.

I'm not sure where to start with this really. I suppose the heaven part. I have no idea where he's pulling that out of. I don't recall ever speaking about it. Then there is the whole rest of his story. Does he think I believe him? I really have no idea. Next time he better tell those fairies in his head not to pick at my wall.

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lao80 said...

This was meant to be tongue in cheek, not serious. We would of course love our children no matter what they chose to believe/do. There would definatly be closed topics of conversation but it was just meant that those choices would be so outside our realm of experience.