Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Happy Birthday to MEEEEE!

My birthday was yesterday and we had my favorite fruit bowls for breakfast and went over to my mom's for dinner. I was kinda done with eating out by that point so we had food brought in. My mom went to San Sai, a Japanese place that has my favorite salad. That's it on the left down there. We also had some sort of noodle and veggie sushi. It was perfect for the super hot weather we had all weekend.
And for dessert we had my favorite Ice Box "Cheese Cake" from My Sweet Vegan. I made a double batch so that it was a 10" instead of a 6". Everyone loved it and yes I did make my own birthday dessert. There is even a bit left in the freezer. Jill and I had some with lunch today.

I also made the Apple Cinnamon ice cream from Vice Cream and so far this is my least favorite recipe from that book. The kids ate it but they'll eat anything sweet. We didn't care much for it.
The day before my birthday my in-laws took me out to breakfast at Rancho's. We had a really nice relaxing time. I made out like a bandit on the gifts and for the first time the kids were old enough to pick me out cards and stuff. It was super cute and they were very proud. Ramsey had me wear a #1 Mom sticker all day. Both kids also picked me out a vegan candy bar to put in their card envelope.

I had a lovely weekend. And Christy, you're still older.


lao80 said...

I forgot to mention the nap I took on Sunday afternoon. :) It was wonderful.

Ricki said...

Happy Birthday, Lindsay! Sounds like you had a wonderful time. That cheesecake looks delicious (and really, shouldn't your cake be baked by the best baker, even if it IS you??) :)

Elaine said...

YAY for lovely birthday food! I'm totally busting in on you for leftovers!

Vegyogini said...

Happy belated birthday!