Thursday, April 24, 2008

Catch Up

I have had so many pictures to catch up on but I think this is the last. They are in no particular order.

First we have the Bread Stuffing Casserole from Vegan Vittles along with some zucchini and cranberry sauce. This was very tasty and I plan on using this recipe for the fall holidays. The cranberry sauce is from a can and the zucchini was baked with some oil, salt and pepper. It was a tasty meal.
The ever lovable strawberry shortcake. I think this is one of my favorite desserts. I tried to make whip cream out of coconut cream but my can fell over sideways in the fridge and everything got mixed together. It still tasted good. I think this was the first time that I ever made quinoa. I really want to squeeze it in more places.
Quick Tuscan-Style Pizza with White Beans, Tomatoes, and Basil from Mediterranean Vegan Kitchen. This pizza was so good. I loved the flavor of the beans and the texture. The beans would be good just by themselves. Topped with the tomato and basil, this was to die for. Yum! I used to dough from Artisan Bread in 5 Min for the crust.
Nachos with cheese from Vegan Lunch Box and Barbecued Buffalo Zings from Vegan Vittles. The BBQ Zings were ok. The texture was pretty chewy and odd but the flavor was good. The nachos were as wonderful as always.
Fresh Lemon Vice Cream. I didn't think anything could get better then the Coconut Macaroon but this is equal to if not better. It's super light and very tart and creamy. It went perfectly with the graham cracker crust and some toasted coconut.
Another picture of the Fresh Lemon pie. I ended up eating so much of this that I killed my tongue. So much citrus.
Cauliflower and Potato with Spices (Aloo gobi masala) and Browned Rice (Dhansak chawal) from The Asian Vegan Kitchen. This was very good. I very much love my Indian veggies to be a bit more soupy but these dry spice vegetables were very good. The rice was a nice side.
After having the Tempeh Hashbrown Casserole at the vegan potluck I had to have it again right after. Instead of tempeh I used baked tofu. This is a major winner from edbv. My mom really doesn't like tofu but was in love with this dish. There were no leftovers. Joe thinks the potatoes have a slight cheesy flavor. I'm not sure about that but I know I love this recipe.
I'm hoping that's the last of the catch up from when my computer was down. Denise just brought me a HUGE bag of lemons so I seem many lemon dishes in my future. And more ice cream.

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Jill said...

Your food is beautiful. No wonder my kid follows you around, drooling.