Friday, March 14, 2008

Vacation: Day 5

Today was a little more loose and easy. Having said that, we are still coming home a day early. We're all pretty done.

We started today off at the Randall Museum. It was free and they had a lot of neat stuff.

Oh, I totally forgot. I started my day off with a vegan lemon poppy seed donut. The frosting was nice and tart. I have no idea where the hotel got them from.
After the museum we decided to go to the Exploratorium. We got a bit turned around and then accidentally on purpose drove across the Golden Gate Bridge.
The Exploratorium really is awesome. If I were a local I would totally buy a season pass. You could spend all day in there.
The kids just loved all of the hands on exhibits. The cafe they have there wasn't bad at all either. The kids had pasta with marina, Joe had a sandwich , and I had the salad bar that wasn't that expensive. The gift shop was really neat and had science kits and books that I had never seen. Thankfully they have a website so I can track down some more of those books through our charter.
Our eating schedule was all messed up once again. We had lunch around 2, again. We went from eating lunch to Maggie Mudd. I counted and they had 20 different vegan ice creams. That doesn't include the sorbets.
Joe got Tar Mac sundae. I don't remember the exact contents but it was something like chocolate, peanut butter, cookie ice cream with hot fudge and hot peanut sauce, crumbled cookies, whip cream, and peanuts. Isaac had a waffle cone with S'more ice cream. I had a two scoop sundae with hot fudge, whip cream, and chopped almonds. My ice cream choices were mint cookie and the Dubliner.
This ice cream really was good. I loved all the different flavor choices. I wish I could try them all. I did the math and it would have cost me close to $80 for a scoop of each. I didn't really want to pay that and obviously I couldn't eat that much ice cream. If I had like 8 friends with me, I think we could do it. I would pitch in $10 bucks for that.
Last is a lovely picture of Ramsey doing some water coloring. I never let her paint at home but hey, it's not my towel.

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julia said...

"If I had like 8 friends with me, I think we could do it. I would pitch in $10 bucks for that."

Let me know when you're ready to sign volunteers up for this. I'm in.