Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Vacation: Day 3

We were out allllll day today. I'm dead tired and the kids passed out within minutes of reaching the Red Vic. Today we went down to Fishermans Wharf, Pier 39 and the near by attractions. I read that Boudin had a tour and knew Isaac would love it. He even loves the one at Disneyland and it has a lot of just videos.

So, we ate lunch at Boudin before the tour started. The have an enormous gift shop and we found this kiddie chopstick helpers. We have been on the look out for some but come up empty. These are even better then the ones I'd seen before as the chopsticks come out of the little top holder thing. Here's Ramsey practising.

Here are Isaac and Ramsey at the start of the bakery tour.
We stood here for a long while. They drop the dough from the second floor into a shoot that goes to the bottom floor. Then they watched the machines cut everything up and so on.
We also went to The Aquarium by the Bay. These guys have a thing for crabs that I don't really get. They were excited to see this big one.
This picture doesn't look as cool small but I still had to share it.
I had to harass someone into standing for this picture. This is just to give Yaya the heebee jeebees. That's a homemade two person submarine. Joe is there for size perspective. Wanna ride?
Next is the USS Pampanito. Isaac loves this type of thing but he totally freaked out whenever Joe or I would mess with anything, push buttons, turn knobs, etc. Those of you who don't know us well, that totally makes us sound like punks. Those of you who do know us well, we are totally awful like that.
Don't you wish you were here, too, Yaya? We're on a submarine that has water in it! Nice, huh? That also scared Isaac a bit.
There is a museum with all of these old arcade games. Ramsey refused to look at this one. I agree with her, it's a bit creepy. That didn't stop me from putting in a quarter. We spent a really long time in this museum. It was really interesting and fun playing with all the old fashioned stuff.
Ramsey has never been one to fall asleep while out. In fact, she doesn't even nap at home anymore. However she totally wore out within minutes of being put on Joe's back.
We tried to go to Green's for dinner, even though I wasn't really super interested, because it was close to where we were at. They ended up having a two hour wait. Instead we went to Herbivore on Divisadero. It was really late for us, 7 pm. We did get a great parking space.
Joe got some polenta dish that reminded me that I never make polenta. Then I tried his and remembered why. Still, he liked it.
I had some roasted vegetable ravioli with pesto. It was pretty good but I'd probably try something else before getting it again.
The kids split a veggie burger that neither really liked. The did want dessert though, so they toughed it out. I liked the seasoned fries that came with their meal, they did not. They both chose a donut for dessert. Joe and I were allowed one bite of each. They were pretty good.
Even with the camera sitting in my lap, I forgot to take a picture of my and Joe's dessert until half way through. I got a german chocolate cake. The cake was a bit dry but the rest was great! The chocolate frosting and the coconut part were really good. I had to take at least half back to the hotel. I see a not so healthy breakfast in my future.
Joe got the carrot cake. I didn't even try his since there was no chocolate involved. He took home at least half also. I'll try it tomorrow.
That's it. The parking gods gave us another nice spot when we got back to the hotel and everyone is passed out now.


Jill said...

Ack! Why did I look at that arcade wizard right before bed?!

lao80 said...

We saw at least 4 old time executions. They had some weird games. Isaac liked the beheadings.

lao80 said...
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Ricki said...

I'm enjoying your vacation pictorial--It brings back memories of my own visit to San Fran many, many moons ago. . . !