Monday, March 10, 2008

Prevacatoin Pictures

I'm finally able to get my pictures up. First is Tempeh with Coconut-Peanut Sauce from Quick-Fix Vegetarian. Joe really liked this and seconds. I didn't even bother trying to get the kids to eat it. I thought that it was ok but a little bit to rich for me. I'll still buy this cookbook.
For dessert we had Coconut Raspberry Squares from Everyday Vegan. I had never made these before and they were great. They got a bit soggy after the first day but they still tasted good. Still they were best the first day.
I've made vanilla donuts more then once in my donut pan but hadn't gotten around to chocolate. I'm not at home where my notes are but this recipe was from the post punk forums. The dough was super thick and I ended up with some pretty dense donuts. They still tasted great but I think I like the vanilla better.
I'm the last vegan on earth to try the Tamari-Roasted Chickpeas from edbv and someone should slap me for waiting this long. Isaac does alright with beans but it's like pulling teeth to get a bean in Ramsey's mouth. They both loved these and yelled when they were gone. I really liked them also. Next time I want to get them a bit crispy. And yes, they are in an old Earth Balance container.
This Yella Cake from La Dolce Vegan really isn't grey. It's lavender Buttercream Frosting from JVB and the color didn't come out well in the picture. This was a last minute cake for a last minute invite to a cousins house. This was a great cake and the frosting was superb.
For the night before our trip I used a boxed chow mein and added broccoli and teriyaki baked tofu. This was actually really good and the boxed chow mein was atleast organic.
Here I am putting my skills to good use. It was suggested that I cut Ramsey's doll Sarah's hair to look like Ramsey's.
I'm pretty sure I dulled my shears to know end.
And here are the twins. Ramsey is happy with the results.

I'll start a new post about day 1 of our trip.

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