Friday, March 14, 2008

Parenting advice from kids

I do so love parenting advice from children. That's what these people were to me. I realize that I'm only in my twenties but I have two children, one who is 6 years old. This couple looked between 18 and 20.

Isaac got up from our table when we were done eating in this cafe, seat yourself, in and out kind of place. He sat down at this other table without realizing that there was a guy sitting there reading. We told him to come back. I heard this couple across from us commenting to each other that they'd smack their kid for doing that.

First off, I didn't really think it was that big a deal. I wanted him to come back but didn't consider it bad behaviour.

Second I was amused in an ironic sort of way. While we had been eating the male part of that couple, the one who made the smack comment, kept burping really loud and gross. When I looked over, because for some reason you do that when you are sicked out even though you know what it is, the female part of the couple had her sandals kicked off into the aisle and was sitting side ways with her bare feet up on the booth seat. I found that gross, also.

I'm wondering if I should have stepped into the parental role there and smacked both of them.

As a side note, Joe was finally correct about something. Mexican food really does get worse the more north you travel.

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Ricki said...

"The female part of the couple" and "the male part of the couple"--you're a riot! And also justified--they do sound gross!