Sunday, June 10, 2007

Earth Shoes

Aren't they beautiful! (Obviously not a food post. We had Indian Lentils with Rice again.)
We went to All Vegan today. It's a vegan shop over by Hillcrest on Park Blvd. (Great shop but I wish that they had more books.) I have really needed some new sandals and my mom bought me these.

They are so comfortable. I have a feeling that these type of shoes are the kind that once you have a pair you only want to wear this kind of shoe. They have this special negative heel thing that is supposed to be really good for your back.

Anyway, yea for me.


chanale said...

I'm going to have to check out that place and hope they carry size 11. :)

sarakoopa said...

I wear the mary janes and I do love them but I like the sandal style better I think because I tend to wear flip flops all the time. Did you buy any chocolate while you were there? I can't pass up the caramel chews there. They are sooooo good!

lao80 said...

LOL I was just eating a caramel chew! I love them. I have them hidden in my room so the kids don't come across them.