Friday, January 4, 2008

Supercharge me!

I have no pictures and didn't even think to take one until after I had polished off the last cookie. That's how good Dreena Burton's SuperCharge Me cookies are.

I had a major craving for a cookie but we have been eating sweets nonstop since right before Christmas. It's not like I ever really abstain from sweets, so for me to say we ate to many is really saying something. I cracked anyway and decided to make cookies. When I was looking through my books I came across SuperCharge Me and decided that might be slightly healthier then many of the other recipes.

These cookies are so amazing. I'm not a batter eater for baked goods but I nearly licked the bowl clean for these. I knew if the dough was that good that the cookies would be amazing. I chose to use cranberries instead of raisins and I added the optional chocolate chips, of course. After trying the first cookie I realized that I would have been perfectly happy without the chocolate.

There is no sugar in these cookies, it's all maple syrup. I used cashew butter as my nut butter of choice. There is a full 1/3 cup of flax meal. I didn't use spelt flour because I don't have it, but they turned out fine. Next time I'll use whole wheat pastry instead of unbleached white flour.

This is a slightly disjointed post but I had to share.


Ruby Red Vegan said...

I've been looking at this recipe too, so thanks! Now I know it is worth making! (And I'll copy you and use cranberries too...)

Anonymous said...

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