Thursday, January 10, 2008

Dr.Kracker for FREE

I was digging through old posts on several of my favorite blogs and came across some posts about free Dr.Kracker samples. I'm sorry that I can't give credit to the blog. I searched back and came across three with the same post topic and can't remember which one I saw first.

Anyway, I sent my request for a free sample to with my name and address. Not even a week later I receive a package in the mail. I couldn't think of what it would be. The box was to small for the books I'm waiting on.

I opened it up and found three 7 ounce boxes of Dr.Kracker flatbreads. I'm to lazy to take my own picture (hey, I'm sick right now) but the flavors I got are Seedlander, Seeded Spelt, and Klassic 3 seed. So far, we've only opened Klassic 3 seed. They are very tasty.

So, go and get your free krackers!

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