Friday, January 11, 2008


Ramy- Does Tera eat vegetables?
me- Yes, but she eats meat also.
Ramy- Why Tera not vegtarin?
me- Some people choose to eat meat..... Athena's a vegetarian.
Ramy- Athena's my friend. Tera's my friend, why she not vegtarin?

The conversation went on to list every single person we know and if they eat meat or not.

We are currently reading Herb The Vegetarian Dragon. I don't think she understands vegan. I'll have to get that message across.

Ugh. She is in bed and I'm waiting for her to fall asleep. She is, of course, trying not to fall asleep and the conversation has been struck up again.

Is Miso a vegtarin?
Is Hello Kitty a vegtarin?
Is Julliett a vegtarin?
Is George (the neighbors cat) a vegtarin?

If anyone knows the answers to any of those feel free to answer. You'll sate Ramsey's curiosity.

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