Wednesday, January 9, 2008

6 Years Old

I delayed this post on purpose, believe it or not. I wanted to include Isaac's birthday celebration.

First I'll start with the food. I received a copy of Cozy Inside and this Maple Corn Fritters recipe jumped out at me. Everyone here loves pancakes and will eat about any variation. These are made with a mixture of cornmeal and flour. They also have corn kernels mixed in.

Ramsey ate half of her fritter before stating that she didn't like it. That could mean anything from being full to wanting to go and play. So, we'll ignore her opinion. Everyone else thought that these were very tasty. This recipe will be nice to add into our pancake recipe roulette.
I've made this Chickpea Ratatouille before. I may even have blogged about it before. I'm not willing to go back and look. Lazy? Yes.

Vive le Vegan is still my favorite of Dreena Burtons cookbook trinity. And this take of ratatouille is yet another reason why. This recipe is so awesome and there are so many good things included. Did I mention that the kids will eat it? I'm always amazed to see them forking it down.
Sunday night dinner. We don't usually have an extra special meal on Sunday night but we had company. You're looking at real mashed potatoes with gravy from a packet. I didn't really care for the gravy but Joe said it was good.

Then there is the Diner Loaf by Julie Hasson from Everyday Dish. The loaf didn't keep it's shape very well, but I did slice it before waiting the recommended amount of time. It tasted alright to me. I'm not going to say wonderful but I think that has more to do with my ambivalence to "meat" loaf. I not a giant fan of soy crumbles either and this recipe includes some. Everyone else at dinner enjoyed this.
And on to the birthday pictures!
Isaac, the six year old, decided that he wanted to go bowling. It was his choice, so off we went. The few times that we've gone in the past they have always had bumpers for the kids. Today we saw another kid using this metal contraption and scored one for ourselves.
The kids loved it. I'm pretty sure the adults did to because it really quickened the kids turns. The few times we went bowling before took F O R E V E R because the ball went down the lane so slow. The kids usually got bored halfway through the game, too.
Ramsey stole my turns so I didn't get to try my hand. I really don't care.
In the evening we had family over for dinner. We had veggie burgers, fries, vegan onion dip with chips and carrots. None of that is really picture worthy. I did make the Brooklyn Deli Macaroni Salad from Vcon. I forgot to take a picture of that. It was very tasty. Even the omni's complimented it. Judy, mother in law, also fell in love with Veganaise.

And here is Isaac's volcano cake. Yes, I know it should be a bit more of a triangle.
I also didn't fill it up with enough "lava". It should have had the red flowing over not just a lot of smoke. If you blew away the "smoke" you could see the red bubbles.
Of course after we cut into the cake the red started flowing over. Oh well, live and learn. The "dirt" on the bottom is, of course, crushed Joe Joe's oreos. Joe had the task of getting all the white centers out. Ha.

The cake is from The Joy of Vegan Baking along with the frosting. It took 3 batches of frosting! The omni's had no complaints over the cake.
Isaac had a very nice birthday and got some lovely gifts. I can't believe that he's six! He eve got a phone call from his friend Bella. It was super funny listening to them talk to each other.
I had to throw in a picture of Miso in the dryer. He thought that it was a nice warm place to lay. He's a very sweet little cat.

I've got a cold and plan to go lay on the couch now.

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veganmomma said...

so i guess i won't see you at the park today? happy birthday isaac, bowling sounds fun, they usually use those bowling contraptions for the bowlers with disabilities, cool that the kids can use them too. OH, and the cake looks AWESOME. I love it!