Sunday, November 25, 2007

Thanksgivng = Gambling & Guns???

First let me start by saying, I know I'm probably the last vegan blogger to get up my Thanksgiving post. Let's just move on from there.

From here on is picture evidence of a white trash Thanksgiving. It honestly wasn't but when I finally went through my pictures I just cracked up. It seriously looks like we are freaks.
First up we have Ramsey. When I'm dressed up in nice clothes the first thing that I like to do is sit in the dirt. Yes, I know she's three. All you moms out there have to admit you cringed a little seeing this.
Ah yes, it's not Thanksgiving without guns. Isaac's older cousins have gotten into BB guns. I think they might have called them something else but I can't remember. Everyone gets 1 guess what Isaac wants for Christmas now. Any one have the answer yet? I'll give you a hint. You could probably blind your sister with it.
And let's not forget about gambling. We strive to be good roll models for our children. How do you think we're doing?

On holidays we always play LRC, left right center. Everyone starts out with three 1 dollar bills. You sit in a circle and there are 3 dice. They have L,R, and C on them along with some plain dots. You roll one die for each dollar you have. If you get L you have to pass your bill to the person on the left. I'm assuming everyone understands R. If you get C, center, then you dollar goes in to the center pot. A plain dot means you keep. The last one with a dollar wins.

Isaac won $33 and Joe won $49. We only played two rounds and our family won both.
We actually aren't trashy enough to have our kid running around with no shirt on for dinner. He got a bloody nose, happens a lot, and I rinsed the blood off and Joe's aunt put it in the dryer.
Here's the husband, Joe, playing with our nephew Race. Don't you love his red hair?

Last we have Pumpkin Cheese-Pie from EDBV. The picture isn't that pretty but I took the first piece. The first one never comes out the best. I really enjoyed this pie but I would like it better with a traditional flaky crust over the graham cracker crust that was used. It was a snap to throw together and was plenty tasty. I'll make it again. Oh, and that's soy whip.

For our meal I bought the Tofurky feast. I'm not really a fan of Tofurky or most mock "meats". For future holidays I'll just bring a non-traditional dish that I know I like. Still the feast was good enough. Put enough cranberries on anything and it'll cover back ground flavors. Joe and I both really liked the potato cranberry dumplings that came with the meal. I will have to try and recreate that recipe.

Happy Thanksgiving.

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