Saturday, November 24, 2007

Quick note...

I plan on posting tomorrow with food stuff but I had to write about a few things tonight.

1. Because of Lorien I signed up for Google's feed reader. I can't sing it's praises enough. I feel so much more in touch with the blogs I want to keep up with. It's so much faster!

2. life among the trees is my new favorite blog. So many things are posted that look good to eat and that I think my kids actually might like. Yea!

3. Nothing to do with food, I spent the day getting puked on. Ramsey has a stomach bug and it's not fun. On the bright side she is a pro vomiter. She takes it all in stride. I wish I was more that way. I get freaked out.

That's it. I should be posting tomorrow if I'm not over run in vomit.

1 comment:

madeinalaska said...

ahh your too sweet!

I do hope your little one gets better! I have one pro and one ummm, not so pro! ewww!
take care