Sunday, December 2, 2007

It's not good if it's not deep fried

I have to start off with this dress that I made Hammy. She was twirling in the picture. First I made a circle skirt and then attached a bodice. This was my first shot at a circle skirt. Now that I've got a pattern down I have some cuter, more expensive, fabric that can be transformed. The fabric used for this grey dress is nice and thick for winter. I'm not sure if I'll add embellishments.
I've made vegan baked donuts before and yeah they're pretty good. But they're pretty good in a cupcake/muffin kind of way. I would turn my nose up at them but they aren't what I think of when the word donut comes up.

The little donut holes below aren't actually what I think of about the word donut, either. These were very good but they remind me of beignets. They are slightly crispy on the outside and nice and tender inside. The powdered sugar and nutmeg are what scream beignet.
I've never made crepes before but have always liked them. The recipe in edbv seemed simple enough that I was willing to give them a try. I didn't ruin one! They were light and tasty. I put cut up strawberries and defrosted blueberries inside and topped them with Celestial Cream, another edbv recipe.

The Celestial Cream is wonderful. I used the smallest amount of maple syrup and it was plenty sweet for us. I don't think I would ever increase the amount of sweetener. I'll be keeping my eyes open for other recipes that look like they would benefit from a helping of this cream.
I just had to take a picture of this juice because it was so pretty. I was making orange juice when I saw some pomegranates sitting on the counter that needed to be used. I decided to see if they'd juice on a citrus juicer. Well, they juiced just fine. After I did the first half I noticed my wall looking like a murder crime scene. After that I juiced with a towel over the top of my hand. The funny thing is that I juiced the oranges first but it's on top.
Orange Sesame Tofu and Simple Swiss Chard from edbv. This is actually rainbow chard, but whatever. I really don't like chard. Well, ok I don't mind it raw in smoothies. Isaac will only eat greens if there is corn mixed in.

As for the tofu, it really wasn't anything special. Dreena says it's one of her kids favorite recipes and I don't really see why. My kids didn't like it and I don't really have anything good to say about it. I won't make it again. I might make the marinade and then pour that over fried tofu but I didn't like it this way.
And another edbv recipe, Lemon Poppy Seed Crackle Cookies. These were ok, not special. I didn't bother putting away the leftovers and I'm not sure if they were thrown away or were eaten. They remind me of a lemon poppy seed muffin but in the case of these cookies I'd rather have the muffin.
I've always loved shortbread cookies and I had a craving. On Ashley's Amazing Shortbread Cookies have excellent reviews. I rolled out part of my dough and it was very easy to work with. I didn't have to put it in the fridge at all before it was able to roll. The rest of the dough was used to make jam thumb prints.

I might try adding a 1/4 tsp of molasses to get a touch more of a buttery flavor but other then that these cookies are wonderful. I made my thumb print balls a bit to big but that's operator error. I recommend these, they are much better then sugar cookies.
I've tried my hand at making roti/chapatis several times and they've always fallen short. Recently I came across all of these Indian cooking tutorials on youtube. Seeing the roti made gave me a much clearer picture of what to do. The end results were delicious.
The family has decided that the "Spicoli" Burgers from edbv are defiantly our favorite. Before it was between these and Celebrity Adzuki Bean Patties. When I was pouring out my hemp seeds I realized that I only had 3/4 cup. The recipe calls for a full cup. I subbed out for 1/4 cup of cashews and everything came out fine. It's good to know that things don't have to be so exact.

Also pictured are our favorite potato wedges. I never measure or use the same herbs twice and that makes a recipe difficult to give. Basically I cut up the potatoes and shake them in a plastic bag with a bit of oil. I add a few herbs and a few teaspoons of nutritional yeast and that's it. Bake and serve.
Bean & Corn Tortilla Lasagna with Avocado. This is yet another edbv. I can't give enough praise for this recipe. This was so easy to put together and was amazing. Isaac ate all of his and then asked for seconds! A dish with whole black beans and the kid asked for seconds.
Here is the inside. Isaac did pick out his avocado because he said that it shouldn't be cooked. I'm always happy to eat avocado. It's a win win in my book. I already have this meal on my list to make again this week. It really is amazing.
I saw these gems on have cake, will travel! and knew that they were right up my alley. I was certainly right. They remind me of something that I can't put my finger on. They are crispy and peanut buttery and slightly chocolaty. I used a mix of maple syrup and brown rice syrup.

The kids have never had any of those sugary cereals (that I know of) and are over the moon about the leftover cocoa rice crisp cereal. They think it's a wonderful dessert. That's about it for this week. I need to get started testing out Christmas cookie recipes. I have a pretty good plan in my head but I want to make sure it'll be easy to execute.


veganmomma said...

So much to say...the dress is adorable, you may have inspired me to make crepes for the first time, thanks for the heads up on some of the thumbs down recipes, and congratulations on the roti bread, it looks very real.

meaghan said...

Your blog is beautiful!!!
Its nice to know there other vegan food blogs here in San Diego! The veggie community here always seems so underground to me:) If you do get a chance, I have a vegan foodise bolg also:
Not as impressive as yours, but still fun:)
glad I found you, your blog is an inspiration!