Saturday, November 3, 2007


This year we went up and did Mickey's Trick-or-Treat at California Adventure. We have annual passes for both California Adventure and Disneyland. (The husbands family are Disney freaks) We stayed the night at the Disneyland hotel and made a mini trip of it.
Here is my little goat. It drives me mad that Joe's hair is all long and like a dumb ass I chopped mine off.
Ramsey "had" to have her picture taken with Winnie-the-Pooh. She knew who Pooh was and Tigger but every 2 minutes she would ask me who Eeyore was.
This is our first year in the scary costume category. Isaac was very excited to be a "bad guy". I made Ramsey's trick-or-treat bag out of an old shirt of Joe's. We had a great time at trick-or-treat. They play good music and all of the characters are out. The kids just loved it. They set up little stations to hand out the candy to the kids. There was always a line but it moved quickly. I always bribe my kids to part with their load of candy. Ramsey traded her candy in for a new outfit for her baby doll, Emma. Isaac parted with his candy for $5.

On actual Halloween night we went to a small Halloween party at Joe's sisters, Jenny. I made cupcakes and she had all sorts of supplies to decorate them with. It was nice not being out on the actual night. I hope we do the exact same thing next year.
I made Cheesy Bean and Cheese Enchiladas from vegweb. Following some of the reviews I made a casserole instead of rolling each tortilla. I also used 1 onion instead of 2, 2 cans of beans instead of 3, 2 packs of corn tortillas, and no olives. These were excellent. I plan to follow a few other recommendations in the future, sauteing the onion first and adding a bit a cumin and lime juice.

There ended up being so many leftovers that I froze some portions for later. Yesterday I microwaved one of them for lunch and it turned out great.
For breakfast yesterday I made the Raspberry Chocolate Chip Scones from Eat, Drink & Be Vegan. I also made the Warm Raspberry Sauce to pour on top. These were pretty easy to throw together and bake in about 30 minutes. The scones wouldn't have been half so good with out the raspberry sauce.

I found the scones to be not as flaky/crumbly as regular scones. I'm thinking that this change in texture has to do with the oat flour. I used unbleached wheat flour instead of the spelt flour. They were still very good. The chocolate made them a touch to sweet for me but the tartness of the raspberry sauce helped cut that. I also spread a bit of Earth Balance inside of my warm scone. I love that salty addition.
For breakfast this morning I made parfaits. There wasn't really much to them. Acai granola, vanilla Silk yogurt and sliced strawberry. For being so simple they were wonderful. I'm all out of strawberries but will try a different fruit tomorrow morning.
I didn't have my camera with me at my mom's yesterday when I made dinner. I made Simplest Garlic Bread from Eat, Drink & Be Vegan. I ended up adding more chopped garlic on top and roasting some garlic to use as spread. I was in garlic heaven. This is a great simple recipe.

I also made a heirloom tomato salad with just chopped up heirloom tomatoes, balsamic vinegar, salt and pepper. I think I could eat that and the garlic bread every day. We had pasta and green salad as well but I only ate about 3 bites of each. Yum!


veganmomma said...

How are you? I want to have breakfast at your house, where do you get your acai granola?
I will probably wait until xmas to get the edbv so I just keep salivating over everything you make from it.

lao80 said...

We actually came across the Acai granola at GTM. We saw it there again the next week.

My sister moves to Vriginia to finally be with her husband next Saturday. Things are a little nuts. And sad.