Sunday, November 11, 2007

Our newest family memeber -part 1

This kid was wandering around out side our house and we thought he looked enough like us that we could take him in and no one would notice. He's pretty rock-n-roll. Or it could just be Isaac wearing my friends wig and being silly.
We did get a new family member, though. And here he is.....Miso. Yes, I did choose the name and in my defense it was 100 times better then what Joe and the kids were coming up with. Mr.Kitty-Puffy-Face. Enough said. Anyway, we had been discussing adopting a cat for awhile and finally came to an agreement. We wanted to find a not kitten and a not fluffy cat that was friendly. We ended up with a four month old kitten that is fluffy. No it's not because we HAD to go home that day with a cat and just settled. We ended up having to wait for Miso to be neutered and Isaac was crying that he couldn't come home. We ended up choosing Miso because he is so incredibly friendly. The kids carry him around, he doesn't care. He loves to play. He is perfect for a house with small children.
Peanut Banana Tortilla Turnovers. That's a mouth full of a name. These are from Eat, Drink & Be Vegan. These were ok. I didn't really think that they were extra special and the kids weren't over the moon. I'd make them again if I thought about it and was in the right mood. Maybe if I made the dunking sauce they would have gone over better. Next time.
When I saw these brussel sprouts at the farmers market they called my name. For years I avoided buying them because Joe doesn't like them. Only recently did I remember that I make plenty of things that he doesn't like and I could care less. Go figure. If he's still hungry after I cook, he's welcome to make himself something else.

I prepared the brussel sprouts and the asparagus according to the Roasting Veggies in the Oven section of Veganomicon. I think I have only ever boiled both vegetables and liked them just fine. Roasting them takes them to a whole other level. They were great. I added the optional garlic the last 5 minutes of cooking.

The vegetables timed out just right with another recipe from Veganomicon, Chickpea Cutlets. Joe said that the patties didn't taste like anything. The kids didn't care about flavor as they were used as a vehicle for ketchup. This time around I opted to pan fry the patties. They had a nice texture on the inside, a bit crunchy. The inside was kind of doughy, though. The directions say that they are more toothsome if you bake them so I will try that next time.
Ugghhh. That covers this pretty well. Garlicy Broccoli, Corn & Bean Burritos from Eat, Drink & Be Vegan. Isaac, Ramsey and her friend Tera would not eat these burritos. They each took one bite and ran. I couldn't blame them. These have an incredibly strong flavor. There is balsamic vinegar, hosin sauce, tamari, and vegan Worcestershire sauce. I didn't finish mine. Joe was the only one of us who liked them.

I don't know if the reason that these taste so wrong to me is because I live in San Diego with authentic Mexican food every 2 blocks. I love the idea of the recipe. The broccoli added in. The beans blended smooth. All the burritos baked so they hold together.

Bleh. I won't make these again.
Samosa Stuffed Baked Potatoes. I will ALWAYS double this recipe in the future. Yum, yum and YUM. If you don't have a copy of Veganonmicon, buy the book just for this recipe alone. I can't see my self wasting time to make traditional samosas in the future. These are so wonderful. The kids had no complaints and I was nearly in tears when I gave my mom some leftovers. These are AMAZING.

On the side is a heirloom tomato salad. Balsamic vinegar, salt and pepper.
This had to be split into two posts.

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