Monday, December 10, 2007


This is going to be a lazy post. Those of you closer to me know that I have problems with my stomach and there are good stretches and bad stretches. I've kicked into a down slope that I'm doing my best to avoid or shorten. It does cut back on my experimental cooking and that makes for boring blogging. Hopefully I'll be eating up a storm again soon.

In the theme of laziness I'm not getting up to grab the books these recipes come from. You'll be getting the name of the book and my guess at the title of the recipe. Let's consider it a game.

Below is Thai Curry Potatoes from The Vegan Family Cookbook. We all liked this pretty well. I'm not sure why it's called curry as I tasted NONE. I'll be upping the seasoning in this. Maybe I'll just up the seasoning in half as the kids were pretty happy with the original recipe. I was happy to see the spinach and coconut being sent down their gullets.
Truffles from edbv. These are wonderful! You can see Joe and Ramsey snitching some in the background. The tablespoon of Kahlua and 1/2 teaspoon of almond extract give these truffles a fruity background flavor almost like cherry. The coconut milk does not leave any notes of coconut that I could taste. In the future I'll double this recipe so that I'm using up a whole can of coconut milk and not just half. If I'm already going to all the effort to make truffles I figure the more the merrier.

I rolled my truffles in cocoa powder and stored them in the fridge. They defiantly have a better flavor and texture if allowed to sit out for a bit before eating. These remind me of the truffles that you can get from Henry's. Those were always my favorite. They just melt on your tongue.
Pesto from The Vegan Family Cookbook. With this recipe you can choose to roast the garlic or just use it raw. I chose raw as I'm totally lazy. I will roast in the future. We really liked this pesto and it was very easy but the raw garlic was so spicy! The kids couldn't take the heat and even I was sucking down juice. (That made it worse btw)
Not a food but I still had to post it. This is the other fabric that I ordered from repotdepot. The skirt is two complete layers, not just bottom accents. I did that for warmth and because the pink skeleton fabric is pretty light. This is a circle skirt with an elastic waste band.

I have one more piece of fabric in the wings ready to be transformed into a Christmas skirt for Ramsey. I guess I should get started as the holiday is closing in fast. I have visions of a beaded bubble skirt in my head. This will be a new experiment
We had a last lunch yesterday and so this was our oh so healthy dinner. Apple Crumble from The Joy of Vegan Baking. I put a bit of vanilla Silk yogurt on top of mine. (That is my favorite flavor) This was a good recipe. The only thing I would change would be the way my apples were cut. I think I would prefer them to be chunks instead of sliced like is seen below. I have no idea why it just seems like it would match better.

That's all that's up for this week. On Thursdays me and my friend go to my moms and watch Project Runway. We record it on Wednesday and then can zip through the commercials. Anyway, I have plans to make the filling from the Pumpkin Cheese Pie, edbv, as a dip and a side of the Baked Cinnamon Chips. We have paired these together before and it was sensational. I even bought brown rice tortillas from Trader Joe's (the clerk said they were really good) as my mom is gluten intolerant. Everyone who has tried the cinnamon chips has LOVED them. They are so much better then the fried version. We make them constantly.



Paulina said...

Everything looks really scrumptious!

veganmomma said...

OOO:(, sorry about your tummy, let me know if you need anything. Your foods still look as delicious as ever. I need to try some new stuff. See you soon! (not tomorrow though, i have a dentist appt.:()

lao80 said...

Thanks for the offer. I'm not stuck at home it just makes eating sucky. I'm nauseous when hungry and it hurts if I eat. Either way food never sounds that great. Sometimes it lasts a week and sometimes a few months. It's not terrible right now.