Thursday, December 20, 2007

For anyone who hasn't been to my house, I have a kitchen appliance obsession. I could list them all but frankly it would be tedious. (Actually, Joe occasionally reads my blog and I don't want to refresh his memory of any purchases that might have 1. escaped his notice or 2. he's managed to forget about) I can't sleep, as usual, and was looking through the favorite blogs of people who are my favorite. I came across a post about someone owning a Mochi Machine! I have never heard of this appliance. Immediately had to look up and see if such a contraption existed. It does!

Now you're thinking, 'Really, who NEEDS a mochi machine.' I'll have you know that we eat mochi at least 5 times a year. Obviously I don't need a mochi machine. Honestly I'm not really that tempted to buy it. Ok, maybe a little, but not really. It's just so cool.

That's it. Wanted to share. Long live mochi.

Edit: I'm happy to say that I've already corrupted Isaac with kitchen appliances. I thought the corruption only ran to Joe with Star Wars, video games, Simpsons....the list keeps going. Check out Isaac's wist and you will see a mini donut maker. He says he wants it for Christmas. Ha.

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madeinalaska said...

hey, you asked about the mushroom gravy recipe? I found that you can go to amazon and search the book and volia there is the recipe.

in case that link doesn't work go to the real food daily cookbook seach inside for mushroom gravy its on page 64.
I wish I had a scanner I would e-mail you the recipe.
take care happy holidays.