Sunday, September 9, 2007

Random Reviews

Joe was in Palm Springs for a few days this week and I haven't done a lot of cooking. One thing I did make was the Taco and Burrito Fill from Hot Damn and Hell Yeah. I took pictures but the dinner wasn't that exciting. We made tacos with the filling on some corn tortillas. I thought that it was to sweet. I finished my portion but wasn't very thrilled. I won't make it again.

Friday night I stopped in at All Vegan and discovered they are carrying a few new edibles. They have started carrying Sweet & Sara's marshmallows and smores. The smores are amazing! I bought one of the plain and one of the peanut butter. They were both excellent but the peanut butter really went above and beyond. I also bought some toasted coconut covered marshmallows. Sara's marshmallows are much more like the real thing compared to the ones from pangea. I want to get some of the plain marshmallows to make smores at home.

Last night we went to Ranchos for dinner. The kids had blueberry multi grain pancakes. They were awesome. I mean totally perfect. I had the enchilada trio. One enchilada had beans inside with a red sauce on top. Next had a tofu veggie filling with a mole sauce. The last enchilada was avocado with a verde sauce. I'd never had mole before. I really hope that I never have mole again. The bean enchilada was good, nothing special. The avocado enchilada was great. I had never thought to put avocado inside. I can't wait to make that at home.

We stopped off at the Rancho's grocery store after dinner and grabbed a few things to take home. I got some Ricemellow but I haven't decided what to do with it yet. The kids got some watermelon popsicles that were pretty good. We also grabbed some ice cream that hasn't been tried yet.

Tonight for dinner we went to Sipz. The service sucked, as usual. I'd much rather get their food to go. I got the broccoli "beef" but with "chicken". It was to sweet. I didn't finish it. The kids had the "chicken" drumsticks with steamed broccoli and a coconut. They thought the drumsticks were really neat. For the first time we had dessert at Sipz. We had the vegan cheesecake and the banana cake with coconut cream. Both were wonderful. The cheesecake would totally satisfy a craving if you were missing that sort of thing. It had a nice raspberry sauce drizzled on top and was plated very nicely. The banana cake was served warm with the coconut milk cream on top. It was a total comfort food. I want to find a similar recipe so I can recreate the banana cake at home.

That's all the food adventures for the past few days. There should be some pictures tomorrow.

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