Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Ginger Hoisin Rice Noodles

Actually, I grabbed the wrong package of noodles and they aren't rice. So, the title isn't really correct. I pulled this recipe out of The Every Day Vegan, for tonight's dinner.

Bringing the water to a boil was what took the longest. Every thing else was pretty quick. Joe loved this dish. He even went back for seconds. Ramsey didn't take one bite and Isaac dug around and only ate the noodles. To be honest, I did the same as Isaac.

Well, I ate the carrots but I avoided the bell pepper. I love raw bell pepper but for some reason I don't enjoy it in it's cooked state. I would have much preferred this dish with carrots and broccoli and maybe some snap peas. I would leave out the ginger, too, or use powder. I like the flavor of ginger but don't enjoy coming across a chunk, no matter how small.

Overall, I think this is a good dish. There is a lot of room for adaptation to account for personal tastes. I know my kids would like it better if I made the changes mentioned, not to mention me. Poor Joe, he's the odd man out. That means he'll never have it made this way again. Oh well, when he starts to cook he can have it his way.

A few nights ago I had planned to make flautas again stuffed with some leftover Rancho Papa that was from Rancho's on 30th street. I was going to stuff a few with refried beans and left over "neat balls" for the kids, as well.

I ended up getting a late start and realised how much faster it would be to just fry the tortillas flat. A la tostada. We threw some Mexican relish on top and were good to go. These were great and a lot less work. I'm going to do this again when I'm felling lazy.

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