Sunday, May 4, 2008

Wheat Noodles in Soup with Tempura

One of my favorite restaurants in San Sai. They make my most favorite salad and have great veggie sushi. They also have awesome udon soup and tempura. I was excited to see recipe for two of my favorite things in The Asian Vegan Kitchen.
I subbed out soba noodles for my udon, just for kicks. This soup was dull. Bad. Plain. No flavor. Catchin' on? I was really disappointed.
I figured the tempura would save the day. Umm, no. The batter was insanely thick. So thick you would have to roll the veggies in it. So I added more liquid. Then some more. It was finally thin enough to dip the veggies in but thick enough to cling. The taste, not good. It was dense and just bad.

All around this was a disappointing meal. I'm going to have to compare these recipes to others I have around. Live and learn.

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Marlini Ridlis Ismail said...

hey there are others type of recipe for this udon/soba noodles..
my kids & hubby love it. maybe u can add more ingredients like broccoli or red capsicum to add to the color..
it taste good and brewed the soup to achieve maximum taste.
good luck!
and i love all ur entries!