Thursday, May 29, 2008

The Complete Vegan Kitchen

This hearty looking patty is a Black Bean Burger from The Complete Vegan Kitchen. I don't think burger is really the correct title. It's more like hash. Yes, I formed them into patties. Yes, while cooking they sort of stayed in patty shape. They fell apart after that.

Aside from the misleading name they are great tasting. We loved the texture and spice. I'd make them again just as a hash. They were to spicy for the kids but that could be adjusted. I also thought that they could use more salt. All things that are easily remedied.
Another recipe I pulled from this book is the Potato and Rosemary Pizza. In contrast to the last recipe, this was way to salty. I'd be willing to it again with adjustments. The flavor and texture was still pretty good. Sadly the kids did not like the idea of potatoes on pizza. They wouldn't touch it.
I haven't tried to many recipes from The Complete Vegan Kitchen but I'm sure I'll get around to a few more. I have to admit that this book purchase was a spontaneous decision made with birthday money. Not as many recipes scream out at me as they do in my other 50 books.


The Suburban Correspondent said...

That "patty" looks like every damn thing I cook. Lasagna, enchiladas, chocolate chip cookies, soup.

I'm not kidding. Ask Brian. And he'll ask you "why does random shit like corn and soy beans end up in Jill's brownies?"

Ricki said...

Almost every vegan "burger" I make falls apart, too. I like the idea of simply thinking of it more as hash, and just enjoying it as is!

aTxVegn said...

This is funny because I almost didn't purchase The Complete Vegan Kitchen. I thought it might be "beneath" my cooking level. But I have found lots of recipes I've enjoyed. There are so many recipes. I hope you will find some you enjoy too.

Anonymous said...

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