Saturday, February 16, 2008


We have just finished planning our up coming vacation. We're going to be heading off to San Francisco in the middle of March for one week. Joe has been there but I haven't. We also have never been in the car with the kids longer then it takes to drive to Disneyland. Fingers crossed please.

We're staying at The Red Victorian which is a vegetarian/vegan bed and breakfast. Cool, huh? It's slightly more a night but then we have breakfast right there. Breakfast we can actually eat. Also, each room is different. For the first 3 nights we'll be staying in Sammy's Poster Room. For the second 3 nights we'll be stying in Gigi's room.

There are no t.v.'s but we will be bringing a small DVD player. In Sammy's room we'll have a shared bathroom and in Gigi's room a private. The beds are bigger in Sammy's so all things come out about equal. There is a cafe downstairs that has breakfast, lunch, and dinner if we don't feel like straying far and free internet. Hopefully I'll post as I go. If not there will be one big long post.

I have a big list of restaurants that I want to visit. We also have a big list of activites we want to do. If anyone has any tips or must see places give a shout out.

I'll be back with food in a few days.



You MUST visit MILLENIUM. It is by far the best vegan restaurant EVER!
It's pricey and you need reservations.
Greens, Lettuce, and Herbivore were also good.
All four restaurants are all in the city.
My husband and I visit SAN FRAN pretty often.
The Ferry Building is pretty awesome too.

veganmomma said...

Oh my, I can't believe the Red Vic is a B&B now. Used to a movie theater and there was a bowling alley...
anyway, my top places for you are
1. Herbivore - they usually have awesome cake from black china bakery in santa cruz
2. Maggie Mudd - for the BEST ice cream choices. i got some peanut butter parfait thing that made it me sick with happiness and sugar. it was a milk shake type thing. i can't remember but that place made me cry when i had to leave it.
3. Cha Ya in Berkeley. all vegan japanese food!
there is more to come, but that should get you started!

julia said...

we go to Herbivore for brunch every time we go to SF. I love it. The one in the Mission is my favorite, just on Valencia. They serve brunch until about 2 if I recall.

Anonymous said...

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