Thursday, February 28, 2008

Susy Homemaker she is not

Ramsey- Who's that? (pointing to Sarah Kramer)

Me- She wrote this book.

Ramsey- When I'm big I'm going to have a full arm of tattoos and orange hair and be named Lila.

Thanks Sarah.

Honestly, since Ramsey was 2 years old she's said she is going to have an arm of tattoos. I have tattoos but not a sleeve. I'm not sure where it's coming from. She tried to walk into a tattoo shop at 2 years old.

For the past one to two months she keeps telling me that she should have been named Lila. WTF. I asked her if she liked Lila better then Ramsey and she said yes. I thought you were at least 10 before you hated your name.

The orange hair thing is my fault, I guess. I'm a cosmetologist and she has already asked for purple hair. So, I gave her purple streaks. (The chemicals didn't touch her scalp and they were semi-permanent. They washed out over time) So, I suppose I opened that can of worms. But I didn't feed her the idea.

Oh, and according to Ramsey she's going to be a mail carrier. Go figure. I asked if she would drive the little white mail truck but she said no, she would walk.

Ramsey, or Lila, has an interesting life ahead of her.


Romina said...

Aww that's so cute!! Lila sounds like a cute name. Very random, but cute!

Elaine said...

that kid has always had a mind of her own! And I like Lila. It reminds me of another name I happen to like. ;)

lao80 said...

I like Lila but I had Ramsey picked out before Isaac was even born. What's wrong with Ramsey, damn it.

Mostly I just think it's funny. I asked her today if she would still have the same middle name and she said yes. Lila Christy.

Sarah's Blog said...

Dear Lila

VeganLinda said...

A friend's child pointed to How it All Vegan a few years ago and said "That is mom's friend, Linda". I wish! I had buzzed my hair, but no tats. I was the only vegan they knew and there was enough resemblance so of course I would be on the cover of their only vegan cookbook. I love the name Lila. I always wanted to change my name, but I don't have a cool name like Ramsey.

pinkmummer said...

Haha, that cracks me up! I always said I'm going to be that mom who dyes her kids hair with kool aid. I love that you let her be creative!