Thursday, February 28, 2008

Not very exciting

Last weeks post sucked because I was sick while doing it. This weeks has hardly any food as I was sick while I would have otherwise been cooking.

Vegan Momma raves about the Lemon Garlic Pasta from edbv so much that I had to finally make it. Now I can see why she makes this pasta so much. This was quick and easy to throw together and it tasted light and refreshing. The kids dug it, too.
I made this granola loosely based on Granny's Grand Granola from Raising Vegetarian Children. I love that it gets tahini in my kids. They aren't to inclined towards tahini but it has so many good things in it. This is a nice basic granola recipe that would be super easy to expand upon. Cherries, cranberries, raisins, coconut? You name it.
I tried out the Tofu Aloo Gobi from Vegan Express. I wasn't super impressed. Everything was sort of bland and I needed to add extra liquid. I had to salt my portion a LOT in order to like this. Actually, now that I'm thinking about it, I made this recipe at about peak time of stuffy nose/cough. That may have influenced things a touch. Well, maybe I'll try it again.
I have this picture of these banana pancakes, obviously. I can't for the life of me figure out what recipe I used or which book I pulled it from. I have no effing idea. They were good.

For an Oscar Party I made the Chocolate Brownies from JVB, not pictured. The omni's at the party gave these brownies rave reviews. They called them moist and wonderful. This is not my personal favorite recipe but I like my brownies less cakey. I like them slightly chewy and hard on the edge. Flatter and more dense. These are my favorite brownies.

Hopefully I'll be bringing more to the table this week, but I seriously doubt it.


Romina said...

Lemon Garlic Pasta is amazing. Who doesn't love lemon, garlic or pasta? Yum! It's definitely one of my "go to" dishes.

veganmomma said...

Pretty good for a sick week. By the way, when does the sickness end! We've been struck, again and I'm getting tired.
Glad you liked the lemon garlic pasta, it is just so simple and everyone enjoys it.
I'll have to try that granola recipe, athena is super into granola right now but I haven't made any myself since I lived in Oakland and I burned the whole batch.

Ricki said...

Sorry you weren't feeling well! Don't be so hard on yourself--all this stuff looks yummy (esp. that pasta!). I just got Vegan Express, so maybe I'll try out the Aloo Gobi and compare notes! (w/o the sinus congestion, that is) ;)