Tuesday, October 9, 2007

I love to be right

I do so love to be proven correct. The graham cracker recipe says to bake on parchment paper. It also tells you to roll out your dough on parchment paper. Since the crackers don't tend to spread very much, I thought I'd try cutting my parchment paper after I had cut my cracker shape. Thus making the formed dough easier to transport and keep it's shape.
They transported beautifully. I scored them with the fork after I had them on the cookie sheet.
The dough didn't spread much off of the parchment paper while baking and once the crackers were out of the oven they peeled right off in one sheet.
I will totally make these again using this system. At first I thought I'd be wasting parchment paper because I had planned on flipping over the dough on the cut parchment pieces onto a large piece of parchment on the cookie sheet. Then I would have had to use a new piece of paper to roll out any more dough. It wasn't until I was transporting the first batch that I realised that I could just set them down just as they were. Yea me!

Some time I want to make a half batch and cut the dough into shape but not seperate the crackers at all. I'm wondering if they would bake evenly and be able to seperate after baking. Two of my crackers sat a little to close to each other and decided to become siamese twins. They came apart very easily. I don't want to lose a whole batch if I'm wrong, though.


veganmomma said...

They were great, and seriously, how many kids do you think will be able to say when they grow up that their mom made homemade graham crackers? You Rock!

madeinalaska said...

oh I second ms. Veganmomma!
You Rock!

I wish I enjoyed baking more.. my poor deprived kids!