Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Winning Streak

I've been having a run of luck lately. First, I won the lovely Amey's contest for a Peppermint Ritter Sport. That was unbelievably exciting. I've been craving one of them since last Christmas. They are very hard to come across. My luck continued when I found 6 more, now all gone, at a local Cost Plus. In the past they never carried them Thanks again Amey!
Next up I won a gift basket at the new Henry's in my neighborhood. It had a bunch of organic baby shampoo, diaper cream, lotion, wash cloths. My kids are a bit out of that stage but both my sister and sister-in-law are pregnant. It'll make a nice addition to a baby shower gift.
And the one I just found out about today... The VegNews Gift Pack. "You'll receive a one-year subscription to VegNews Magazine, our signature oversized tote bag, a fair-trade cotton t-shirt, six jumbo vegan cookies, and the current Veggie Award edition." I have to admit I'm most excited about the cookies and maybe the bag for grocery shopping.

I hope my luck keeps running. Or that my refrigerator keeps running at least, that would be lucky. It is only 3 years old but having issues.
I hope some of my current luck rubs off on all of you.


Jill said...

That was probably smart to take the picture of the chocolate before I had put my slobber and bite marks all over it.

Did you really win the Henry's thing or did you get there at 5:45 am and wait in line?

lao80 said...

A)That is not my picture of the chocolate. I stole it from Amey's website.

B)I'm a loser, but not that big. I won it spinning some wheel thing during lunch time.

C)Check your cell phone and turn the sound up, damn it.

a guy said...

Not sure where in SD you live but up off Palomar Airport Rd, there is an old style German Deli and store and they have just about every kind of Ritter Sport. Yum

Tip Top Meats

They also have a bunch of different European spices pretty cool place if you are ever up there.

Ricki said...

Congratulations! Wow, that is some great luck. I was thrilled to win one of Amey's Ritter Sports, too. But that's been about the extent of it over here! :)

Joanna said...

geez, you are definitely a lucky girl. that chocolate looks so good. i'll have to get some- i'm always on the hunt for good vegan chocolate. it's hard to come buy at my grocery store.

Husband said...

Cool, more cookies for me and the kids. I can't wait to try them ;)

lao80 said...

Ha, good luck husband. How many places did I hide that Ritter bar? Do you really think you'll even See those cookies?

Amey said...

oh dang lindsey!
you ARE on a roll!

I'm so glad you enjoyed the Ritter Sport... pretty yummy, huh?

The Veg News Gift Pack prize is really awesome! What fun. I really like VegNews a lot.