Monday, November 3, 2008

Esme's Sauce and Pickle Update

Tonight I made pasta with broccoli and Esme's Sauce. This sauce sounded delicious and it being quick and easy made it a no brainer for me to hit on a lazy night. After I had everything mixed up, I was a little worried because it smelled so strong. But once I mixed it in with my pasta and the broccoli it totally mellowed. This is very tasty. The husband gave it a thumbs up.

And on to the pickles. The cucumbers and carrots were finished fermenting in about 4 days. At that point they tasted what I thought they should. I found the pickles to be a bit to salty for me, just a tiny bit. But the carrots and garlic we perfect. When you open the jars you can just smell the garlic. It is mouth watering. So far, all my taste testers have liked how things turned out, even if a tiny bit salty.

Next up is kraut.


Jill said...

How could I not read something called "Pickle Update?"

Bet I wouldn't think any of it's too salty.

Mmm. Pickles.

Ask a Nurse said...

I think spices like garlic also have a capability to preserve apart from them being good for health.