Sunday, September 28, 2008


So, we have two weddings coming up this month. One is the husband's cousin, Megan. The other is one of my brothers, Neil. I've had this green fabric sitting around since last year that was supposed to be Ramsey's last Christmas dress. She ended up talking Daddy into buying this other dress and the fabric was left unused. I decided I'd make her a skirt for the wedding.

Ramsey doesn't have any dressy tops and I thought I'd try my hand at inventing something for her. I thought that a black velvet would be nice and match the skirt. I started cutting out the skirt. I was preparing to sew it when Ramsey came in ready for me to measure her for the shirt. I put the skirt fabric down and started on the shirt.

Taking the shirt fabric out of the bag the store put it in was a surprise. When not in the lights of the store the fabric isn't very black. It almost looks purple. I decided to take a chance with it. There are still kinks to work out but it wasn't so bad. While I was sewing Ramsey was playing with the left over fabric and scraps.

Then came time for the skirt. I grabbed my piece of fabric and got to it. I found it odd that I kept having to make adjustments on the hem. It wasn't straight. When it was finally finished I called Ramsey in to model.
This is a bad picture but that puffy skirt was supposed to be knee length and puffy. Not ankle length. Ramsey had switched up my fabric piles and I didn't know it.

So, I have a skirt that's to long and wonky. A shirt that's not really black and still not right. I guess Ramsey will have to squeeze into her Easter dress.