Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Happy 4th Birthday, one month late

Ramsey celebrated her 4th birthday on September 1st. Since she loves to play tea party with her Yaya, we decided to throw her a fancy tea party. Girls only. The girl only part is a whole other story of her bitching.
Her is Ramsey still in her p.j.'s just starting to dress up.
And here she is checking out the goings on sans pants.
Now she is gussied up.
This really isn't the full spread for the kids but I liked this picture best. They had mini bagels with vegan cream cheese, pb&j, tofurky sandwiches, shortbread, scones, vanilla and chocolate cupcakes, mini veggies, and fruit salad. They were drinking ice tea mixed with apple juice.
The adult sandwiches were tomato basil with vegan cream cheese blended with balsamic vinaigrette, mock egg, and cucumber. The desserts were the same as the kids.
The kids dug into the cupcakes right away but then evened things out snacking on sandwiches and fruit. I don't think any of them touched the veggies.
And here is Ramsey and some of her friends exploring her loot. I made her the chefs hat.
She really did seem to have a great time, even without boys, and the grown ups had a great time chatting and snacking. Happy Birthday Ramsey.


Ricki said...

Happy Birthday to Ramsey! I can really see the resemblance to mum in that last photo! And the spread you made looks delicious.

Jill said...

Maggie says:


"Four this means I love you."

Just like that.

Anonymous said...

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