Thursday, September 25, 2008

Adam and Eve

I awoke to lowered voices...

Ramsey- Isaac have a piece of chocolate.

Isaac- No, we aren't supposed to. You have to ask mom first.

Ramsey- No, I had three. I just sneak it.

Who has visions of my future life parenting a teenage Ramsey? Looks good, no?

I promise she was not just trying to be a 'good sister' by offering him candy. She was planning ahead by offering him some. She would rather them both go down together then go down alone. I offer a warning to Ramsey's future party buddies (Sophia, Elizabeth, Quora, Maggie, Athena) if she gets caught she will rat you out.


Jill said...

I loe this picture. That must be the "good" camera.

*sigh* Only about 12 years left until your kid drives my kid down to PB to get tattoos.

lao80 said...

Please, that is total wishful thinking on your part. 10, 11 years tops AND your kid knows Spanish. Do you honestly think they'll go to PB when TJ is right there?

veganmomma said...

Athena is going to need some serious help from Ramsey in this department or else you guys are going to be coming to me to find out what all the girls are doing because she'll let me know is detail.