Thursday, August 28, 2008


In the past I've posted pictures of our out going cat Miso. Miso discovered early on in his stay here that he could squeeze himself under the small gap of our screen door. The husband and I argued about letting him go outside. Me against, him for. It came about that Miso would sit and stare at the door knob for hours until he was let out. I let go of my protests and decided it was mean to keep him inside. Thus we had our first indoor/outdoor cat.

Fast forward to Miso being the king of our neighborhood. He united neighbors and neighbor cats alike. We figured he had a gang or something. There were always 3 or 4 of him and his friends laying in the sun spots. He would also go visiting into neighbors houses.

As of three weeks ago, Miso decided that he liked one of the neighbors better. He hasn't come back to our house. We were sad and the kids were really bummed. Kids being kids decided they wanted a new furry friend. We had them wait a bit and then started looking.
Here is our new friend, adopted from Friends of Cats. Her name is Libby. Well, actually someone with to much time on their hands named her Lady Liberty. Most likely the same person who obviously liked cats more then children. I figured Libby sounds similar enough and so far she comes for that name.

We were put in a room with no less then 20 cats and left to our own devices. This plan of action didn't really work for me. We asked a helper to come back in and point out good choices for a family with kids. As the choices were presented, Libby was digging my cell phone out of my purse, rolling around on Ramsey's hat, and head butting Isaac in the back for some petting. She made our choice for us.

She is a sweet little thing with a very loud meow. She is also a big jumper. The picture above is Isaac asleep in his top bunk. She had no problems getting up there to snuggle down with him. We are very happy with our new companion.

And if anyone is worried, the gap under the screen has been blocked.

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Jill said...

I just showed this to Maggie while she was eating lunch and said "Look, it's their new cat Libby."

She asked, "But what's the matter with 'Mismo'?"